Casino – The Darker Side of Las Vegas

Casinos are places of fun, excitement and the potential for huge wins. They are usually adorned with lavish decor, bright lights and the sounds of champagne glasses clinking and slot machines spinning. They are full of people from all walks of life mingling and trying their hand at games like poker or blackjack. Casinos are also a place of great glamour and opulence, where many players become rich over time, thanks to comps that they receive.

But a casino’s real money is made through the rake, which is essentially a cut of the money that players win from their bets. Those who are not good at gambling or don’t have a lot of money to spend tend to lose more, while those who know how to play and are good at it will make the most profit. Those who have the most money to spend will be rewarded with free hotel rooms, dinners, shows and even limo service!

While other movies show a glamorous side of Las Vegas with its opulent casinos and dazzling neon signs, Casino exposes the darker underbelly of the city. With greed and treachery being the central themes of the film, there are no heroes or heroines here. Robert De Niro is excellent as Sam “Ace” Rothstein, but Sharon Stone’s performance as Ginger McKenna is the standout of the cast. Joe Pesci is also brilliant as mobster Santoro, adding a touch of menace to every scene.