How to Stop Gambling


If you’ve gotten to the point where you have a serious gambling addiction, it’s time to seek professional help. You may need a support group, a treatment program, or a combination of these. Without professional assistance, quitting can be an uphill battle. Although your friends and family members may be supportive, they may not know how to support you in your fight against gambling addiction. In these cases, consider calling a hotline for help.

Although compulsive gambling is more common in younger people, it can also affect adults. Men are more likely to develop the problem than women, but it’s important to remember that men and women display similar patterns of gambling behavior. Likewise, gambling can be encouraged by family and friends. But, it isn’t just a fun activity – it can have devastating consequences for your physical and psychological health. For example, it can even lead to depression, depressive episodes, and even attempts at suicide.

When you’re faced with an urge to gamble, resist the urge. Visualize the consequences of your actions and the money you’ll lose. Do something else with your time. Practice relaxation exercises or other activities that will distract your attention from gambling. And, of course, be sure to have a limit of cash on you. When you can’t resist the urge to gamble, take a break. It’s possible to change your behavior and stop gambling once and for all.